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Documentary Photography – NEPAD Fisheries (Nigeria, West Africa)

Documentary Photography – NEPAD Fisheries

NEPAD is enforcement agency of the African Union, harmonizing the development of continent-wide programmes and projects, driving resources
and engagement in the global and economic communities and countries transforming Africa.

Personal experiences:
Working with NEPAD was a wonderful and challenging experience, not only as a photographer, documenting current affairs but as a human being.
The first leg of this project catapulted me to Nigeria where I got to experience the difficulties of the fishing industry by interviewing and interacting
with some of the locals.
Physical obstacles, pollution and poverty were some of the issues that this project addressed in an attempt to highlight the
problems that the modern-day fishing industry faces in Nigeria. The focus was fish governance and how to get the industry and the products up to
a greater standard to improve international sales and essentially better the communities in Nigeria.
This working relationship between Nigeria
and the Fisheries Committee for Centre-West Gulf of Guinea (FCWC) will aid institutional backing actions and enforce a platform for educating
member states. Consequently, this will develop the sustainability of the fishery district in Nigeria and West Africa.




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